August 10, 2010

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins


    After a major mishap with a love spell Sophie finds herself shipped off to Hecate Hall. Also known as Hex Hall, Hecate hall is home to all the magic mess ups or those who don’t have a control over their powers yet. Hex hall welcomes all screwballs including but not limited to witches like Sophie, warlocks, shape shifters, fairies, werewolves, and one pink loving vamp. With all these other freaks Sophie thinks maybe just maybe she will fit in. Boy was she never more wrong! Her roommate, Jenna, is the only vamp in the school, so when Hex students are being attacked she is the first and only suspect. Sophie knows it isn’t Jenna, so she is determined to clear her good name. Sophie mean while has to deal with a lot of other goings on.

  • A group of witches, when she refuses to join their coven make her life a lot on the difficult side
  •  Instant hatred by teachers and students alike because of her dad (whom to this day she has never met)
  • A CREEPTASTIC ghost who is following her
  • Her inability to perform magic
  • A crush on the totally-crush worthy Archer (an off-limits bad boy)

     Sophie goes on an adventure she never expects. On the way she manages to find out more about her families’ past, discover herself, and attempts to defeat whatever evil is lurking in the halls of Hex!


       Put on your giggle goggles, mix-up some mystery, and turn up the horror meter because this book rocked my flipping socks off. When I read I love the feeling of being in the book (not literally but I sure wish it!), and this book did that for me. I have been in book Acoma lately because of Hex hall, it isn’t fun not to want to read for so long but this book just tranquilized me. This new spin on magic is like a leap of faith but in Hawkins’s case she landed right on target. I love when books make you laugh, puzzle, and scare the crap out of you. So basically this book is it.

      About those giggle goggles I was referring to, I kid you not every page of this book had a joke. I was laughing at midnight in my bed with my phone to light the pages because night came and passed and I still couldn’t help but read! Mixed in with the giggles was a lot of mystery, surprises or turns I wasn’t expecting came. I love when a book has you puzzling over the ending and what is next. Like why did Archer do that? And is she going to make it? Now brining up the memories of this particular book are sending me into a mind-blowing frenzy. There are several horror-verified scenes with in this book. Though the scenes are quick, if-you-blink-you-miss-them-scenes, they add to why I like the book. Killing demons, visiting the graveyard at midnight with a thought-to-be-ghost, and nearly getting killed by the very thing that tried to kill your friends, are just a few examples of the type of scenes.

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  1. I agree with you this was one of the books I actually laughed out loud at. I loved the characters. I can't wait for demonglass.


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