August 10, 2010

Inspiration, giveaway, and why the heck I happen to be slacking!

Okay so I've been a speed-demon reader since at least kindergarten. I was scared (like pee-your-pants-in-a-weird-little-kid-way) to go to kindergarten because my brother said you have to read alot. I didn't know how to read so thus I was TERRIFIED! Turns out I was like in an advance reading program and like five steps ahead of the other kids in my grade (I was so cool as a little kid)! So my love for reading just blossomed with my skills ( killer reading skills! I was reading ninja!). I guess what inspired me to read new stuff was my eighth grade SCIENCE teacher!? Sound weird but she always gave me new books to read and asked me what I thought about them. I actually talked with her this past year ( my little bro has her now) and she always thought I would be a good book editor. So here is to Mrs. Kwant Thanks!

So ya'll should check out this contest because it helps support literacy and you could get two prizes! read all about it here!

In other news I haven't sent out a review for awhile because I have been playing babysitter big sister. I have finished Hex hall and have written my review its just the matter of getting it typed now. Up next (my pictures on the side lie as of now I have been wishy wash trying to settle into a new book I've seriously changed 10 times!) is City of Bones! :)

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