August 24, 2010

explaining myself again...

So I finally finished City of bones but I haven't had time to do a review yet because I started school and have a stack of unfinished homework. Like thats what I should be doing instead of writing this! Anyway it WILL be up soon. I skipped IMM on purpose because I failed to recive anything! This saddens me but I have hope for stuff on its way.

Who is excited about Mockingjay? I am but I pre-ordered it so I have to wait for like friday! I'm so MAD! Oh well, I feel like I've only been doing these kind of posts lately but I am going to give you the good stuff ! Eventually! Anyway thanks for sticking with me!

Also those who have won a book I am so increadibly sorry I haven't gotten your books to you yet. Getting ready for school I have completely forgot about it which is unexceptable . They will be coming to you soon!

Just Sayin,


  1. It must be crazy over there right now. I hate that time of year, when Summer is ending. Oh well. Enjoy school! I've got a few days break off school so I can tuck in with a few more books before I have to hit the books again.

  2. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award! Come check it out here: :D

  3. Hi! I gave you an award, You can pick it up here:


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