August 17, 2010

Curse you mocking mail trucks! and delays...and some more cursing (not like cussing but the magical spell type!)

Today... I kid you not I saw five mail trucks (FIVE!!!!) and every time I was like ew maybe I got something in the mail but as it turns out I GOT NOTHING!!! Well so far this week...I just wanted to let you know mail trucks are evil... and tricky!! URG! I just hope your mailboxes are over flowing with goodies :D

So I told you I had book coma before and I did but now I am just reading slowly for some unknown reason. Its really frustrating to have a shelf of wonderful books and have no want to read them :(. (Stupid overly good books that knock my reading grove off!!! Curse you HEX HALL!!!).

...SO  to entertain you I am going to review books I read before starting this blog.

I am currently reading City of Bones (finally) and I'm really into so there is hope for me!!

**This blog is dedicated to exclamation marks and parenthesis!If you couldn't tell!!!!**

just sayin (alot!),


  1. City of bones was so good. I think it is by far on my top 5 best series lists... I can't wait for City of Fallen Angels and Clockwork Angel to come out.

  2. lol, that's a pretty good rant... and what took you so long to read City of Bones? It's one of my favourite books! ^.~

  3. I received NO BOOKS in the mail last week, but today (Wednesday, finally) the gods have allowed me but one ARC (Beautiful Darkness! The cover feels so nice!)...with tons of UNEXPECTED SWAG! That's the best kind of swag. :))))

    I'm still waiting on lord knows how many other books and ARCs. There'd better be at least one more book in the mail tomorrow!


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