August 27, 2010

A Sizzlin' Summer Book Giveaway/ Dear Followers,

Hey guys just want to let you know about an amazing giveaway!

The Prairie library just click here

Whats up for grabs?
well technically there are two separate giveaways

Group 1:

1. Mockingjay
2.Tiffany on summer
3.This is Me from Now on

Group 2:
1. Sapphique

When does it end?

um er well it didn't say, so ya know it might be closed already! Ha sorry for the lack of knowledge!

Dear Followers,
If you are a winner of my giveaway your book is on its WAY! So be looking out for it (maybe don't stock the mailman) but get excited a free book is taking a one way trip to your house! Thanks to everybody who signed up for it! Just letting you know I am having another giveaway in the future (like December 16th!!!!) for my b-day and just want to know what books YOU are looking forward to. So send me an e-mail with a suggestion at . I want to know what YOU guys want! You guys are so great for following and I just want to thank YOU! 

Just Sayin,

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